Master of Engineering in Mechatronics Engineering

Master of Science in Mechatronics Engineering is an interdisciplinary program that integrates the science and engineering concepts needed to address grand challenges in the ever-changing industrial sectors.

Mechatronics has evolved as a distinct engineering discipline over the last few years. It is a blend of mechanics, electronics, information technology and computers. It has come to mean the synergistic use of precision engineering, control theory, computer science, and sensor and actuator technology to design improved products and processes. It is the application of the latest techniques in precision mechanical engineering, controls theory, computer science and electronics to the design process to create more functional and adaptable products. Because mechatronics students study a range of disciplines, they are well equipped to go into a wide range of jobs in electrical or mechanical engineering, as well as software development and management positions. The combined skills of the mechatronics graduate are becoming increasingly valuable to the employer, especially in areas such as:

  • defense systems
  • modern industrial systems
  • maintenance diagnosis and troubleshooting  
  • space systems
  • vehicle design, manufacturing and testing
  • robotics
  • electrical control and drives
  • software development  
  • electrical consumer goods
  • food processing
  • automated production systems
  • sales and marketing of engineering products