Master of Science in Governance & Organizational Sciences

Organizations face fast changing, turbulent environments. This Master’s program prepares you as an organizational analyst to develop and change organizations based on evidence-based interventions. In your prospective role as manager, consultant, project manager or other roles it will enable you to understand and deal with a wide variety of issues faced by contemporary organizations and to help companies and governments respond adequately. The program builds on an interdisciplinary social science perspective by drawing on insights from organization science, strategic management, and organizational behavior.

The combination of insights from organization science, strategic management, and organizational behavior makes this program unique. Learn to diagnose organizational problems, formulate research-informed solutions to those problems, communicate these effectively with the relevant stakeholders in their respective organizations, and manage the implementation processes.

  • Practice related teamwork is a key part of the program: frequent group assignments in real-life settings, as well as through the acquisition of knowledge on team processes.
  • Small-scale, interactive education provided by leading scientists in their field. You will also get support and feedback from a small group of fellow students 

Typical courses are:

  • Organizing Strategy and Entrepreneurship
  • Evidence Based Intervention
  • Organizational Dynamics
  • Interorganizational Relationships